About the Program

The program aims to provide solid economics and analytic training to students who have strong interest in economics

The MSc in Economics Program aims to provide solid economics and analytical training for students in order to prepare them for further pursuit of higher academic degrees in economics, finance, marketing, management, etc.

With the solid training and strong support of the faculty of the economics department of HKUST, graduates of the program are expected to be successful in applying for admissions to Ph.D. programs in relevant fields in North America, Europe, and other parts of the world.

Program Intended Learning Goals

  • Have deep understanding on economic issues based on knowledge on economics including microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics.
  • Be equipped with optimization methods and economic insights to construct theoretical models analyzing economic and business problems.
  • Have econometrics skills and knowledge to conduct empirical analysis which can help government or firms making decisions.
  • Be able to effectively communicate economic intuition or predictions from empirical analysis to people in academia and in private sectors.

Program Features

Program Duration

The normal study period is 1 year.

Study Mode

The program is designed for full-time students and most of the classes will be held during daytime at HKUST main campus.

Research Preparation Concentration

Students who want to better prepare themselves for pursuing further studies are given an option to extend one more term to complete a Research Preparation concentration. To opt for the concentration, students are required to complete at courses and minimum 15 credits of elective courses, of which 6 credits must be at PhD level; plus a 6-credit Independent Project (ECON6980)

Exchange Opportunities

The program has established exchange partnership with the following universities:

  • University of Mannheim, Germany
  • Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium

Students will have chance to gain international exposure through the exchange program.

Career Supports

The HKUST Business School MSc Career and Professional Development (CPD) Team is in place to:

  • Identify students' unique career-related interests, values and capabilities;
  • Enhance job searching skills and career management strategies;
  • Access opportunities for internship and full-time employment with a diverse group of recruiting firms and organizations.

MSc (Econ) students would receive weekly newsletter on workshops be offered by CPD and job openings available.

On top of the career supports provided by CPD, the University's Career Center is dedicated to helping students explore, plan and prepare for their career. More information about the services offered could be found at https://career.ust.hk


Student Sharing

Si ZUO (Class of 2019)

The best thing about MSc program in Economics is that you have the access to the world-leading faculties in various academic fields. They are open-minded, enthusiastic and always accessible when you have questions. The teaching is excellent. A great variety of courses are provided by the leaders in these areas. These courses are attractive and in-depth through which students can get well-trained after one-year’s studying. For those who want to study further, this program is one of the best in Asia. Taking PhD level courses, attending weekly seminars and joining research programs really benefited me a lot when I decided to apply for the PhD program. Now I am going to Cornell University as a PhD student in economics this August , which would be impossible without all kinds of help from HKUST.